About Our Studio

We broadcast interactive branded content with innovative digital technologies for the audience of our clients.

Our clients work with us because they get customized solutions. We don’t want
to be the answer of everyone, our interest is to be the right answer for the right brand.

We do what we believe in and what we do best
We have a highly motivated and professional team of artists
We are a loyal partner
We guarantee high-end products and services
We have an open book policy


afin is a specialised digital tech studio and is not competing with other solus (creative, media, pr). We decided knowing our trade very well and delivering on that as master of one specific thing instead offering a wide range of services.

The authencity of our work is added by our focus on innovation and customized solutions for our clients. Last but least we provide a global network of a highly professional creative team.

We are artists, technologists and makers working at the frontiers of visual narrative.

How is the digital transformation changing the advertising model?

For new tech like VR, AR, AI etc. there are going to be a lot of possibilities. We see huge demand, the products are fun to work on and consumers love them.

For the brands, there is huge benefit in creating something new that isn’t necessarily advertising and that consumers know and love.

Driving for excellence through
innovative technologies

What are the challenges in this process?

The challenge of reaching potential and current customers in the right channels with the right content at the right time to nurture a relationship is becoming increasingly complex. This is where our expertise steps in, helping brands to personalize customer outreach by making content more relevant and timely.

Considered positively, brands now have the time to innovate and grow their brand through content creation, rather than worrying about how to analyze and use data.

Engaging consumers through
the power of visual imagery


If you like what we do and are interested in working at afin, simply get in touch with us on
Full time, freelance or internships, we are always open to great people joining the team.

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